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Kids Health

Mrs. Tracy would like to share KidsHealth.org. A site with many resources for parents, kids and teens.

Talent Search

Dr. Murtaugh would like to share the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth talent search.

Stand for the Silent Presentation

We will be hosting a presentation on bullying from the Stand for the Silent Organization on March 11 at 6:00 PM in the Avalon School Gymnasium. Please mark your calendars. It will be a rewarding and informative evening. More information will follow. You can read about more at www.standforthesilent.org

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Club/Activity Meetings

  • Thu 4/24 - Art Club @ 3:15
  • Thu 4/24 - Homework Club @ 3:15
  • Tue 4/29 - Homework Club @ 3:15
  • Wed 4/30 - Art Club @ 3:15
  • Wed 4/30 - Tech Club @ 3:15
  • Thu 5/1 - Art Club @ 3:15
  • Thu 5/1 - Homework Club @ 3:15
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Displaced Students

Families of displaced students may find information at the following site:
Please contact Mrs. Bradley in the main office if you have been displaced.

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Bullying Specialist

Alanna Smallwood
Anti-bullying Specialist/District Bullying Coordinator
Phone: 609-967-7544
Fax: 609-967-3109
235 32nd Street
Avalon, NJ 08202

Bullying Policy
Cyberbullying Policy

HIB Self-Assessment Grade: 50
Areas of Improvement: Additional schoolwide programs and initiatives, additional training for staff.